your questions about laser vision correction answered
“I rely on my eyes. What is the chance of going blind?”

The chance of complete blindness is extremely remote and has never occurred in any of our patients. As with any surgical procedure, there is some potential risk. The key to reducing the risk is to be thoroughly evaluated to be sure you are a good candidate for laser vision correction, and to comply with all medications and instructions for care both pre- and post-operatively.

“Will it hurt?”

We use powerful numbing drops, but there can be some temporary discomfort. The eye itself will be anesthetized during the procedure, but the eyelids are not, so squeezing may lead to some minor discomfort.

“In a few years, will my vision revert back and will I need to use my old contacts and glasses all over again?”

In good candidates, there is typically no need to worry about ever having to wear the same prescription again in the future. Once the eye heals, it typically does not change. If it does, your vision may lessen but may be improved with an enhancement procedure pending results of evaluation at that time.

“Why wouldn’t I be a candidate for LASIK?”

In some cases the thickness and/or the shape of the cornea may REQUIRE that a surface treatment like PRK or Epi-LASIK, that does not require a corneal flap, as a better long-term solution. Furthermore, some people have dangerous occupations that might involve a risk of eye injury. These patients are often better suited to a flapless procedure like Epi-LASIK OR PRK. 

“How long will it be before I can drive?”

You can resume driving as soon as you feel comfortable with your vision. Most LASIK patients take 1-2 days off following their procedure before they resume driving. Typically patients who have PRK or Epi-LASIK find they are at 20/40 vision, the minimum driving vision recommended by Acuity, in five days to one week after the procedure.

 NOTE: This information is for general education purposes only. It is not to be used as a substitute for medical advice from your doctor.

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