LASIK eye surgery is becoming more and more common with advances in technology, causing many people to ask themselves if LASIK eye surgery is right for them. If you have never heard of LASIK laser vision correction, it is a permanent surgery that reshapes your cornea and corrects your vision. The surgery shapes your eye to correct the incoming light the same the way your glasses or contacts were before. Here are the top ten reasons you should get LASIK eye surgery:

10. LASIK pays for itself by not having to buy contact lenses or glasses anymore. Add up how much you have spend over the last few years buying new prescriptions and I can guarantee the cost will be close to what you will pay for LASIK. Also, many insurance providers will pay for some or all of your LASIK surgery. If insurance will not pay, many Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) allow use of the funds for LASIK. You will also save time not having to worry about maintaining your contact lenses and putting them in!

9. You can wake up in the morning and actually see the world clearly! Many people have LASIK surgery done for this reason alone. How nice would it be to be able to wake up without having to  search around for your glasses, or stumble around and put your contacts in.

8. No more coordinating your wardrobe. For the fashion conscious amongst us, this is a great benefit. Not having to figure out what goes best with your glasses is great. You can where whatever you want whenever you want.

7. For the athletic folks, LASIK is a fantastic option. Many sports are difficult or impossible to
play while wearing contacts or glasses. How many times have you jumped into a swimming pool and lost a contact? You will never have that problem again with LASIK. You can swim as much as you want without any concern of losing a contact or spending the money on prescription goggles.

6. Visual freedom. Just imagine never having to think about your vision again…ever. This is what LASIK will do for you. All you have to do is open your eyes to see. Never again deal with eye drops because your contacts dried out.

img_24505. Freedom while traveling. No more worrying about bringing along the back up set of contacts or glasses. No more solutions or cases. All you need to bring are the items you want to bring while traveling. Being able to see the world with no strings attached is worth it in itself.

4. You can finally be comfortable. Many LASIK patients complain of discomfort while wearing their glasses or contacts. Contacts often cause allergic reactions, itchiness, red eyes, burning and other irritations. Glasses can even be worse causing painful headaches due to pressure or a slightly off prescription. With LASIK you will never have these problems again.

3. Better vision then before. Many patients experience better sight after LASIK then they did with corrective eye wear.

2. Instant gratification. No long recovery times here. After you come home from your surgery you will be able to see the world around you in all its glory within hours. I hope the family cleaned the house before you got home?

1. Self-esteem and a new you. Many of us feel uncomfortable in glasses. Playground sayings like “four eyes” comes to mind. You will never again have to feel self conscious about yourself, so go out and have some fun!
There you have it – 10 great reasons to have LASIK eye surgery. Honestly, with the lowering costs and improved technology, can you think of one reason not to have LASIK?

by Long Island Eye Surgical Care, P.C.


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