LASIK and other refractive procedures don’t just result in noticeably clearer vision. There are also unexpected benefits to having one of these procedures. For many of our patients, laser vision correction results in noticeable improvement in other important aspects of vision.

Here are Four Additional Advantages that Acuity Patients Frequently Mention:

Improved Peripheral Vision:

In addition to improved straight-ahead vision, many of our patients note how much better their peripheral vision has become since they no longer wear glasses. Glasses do not always wrap around the eyes, so peripheral vision can be blurry unless one turns their head. Once the glasses are gone, peripheral vision is improved as well.

Reduced Discomfort and Allergy Symptoms:

Many of our patients say their allergy symptoms improve after treatment. They note much less eye itch, as well as fewer headaches and less sinus pain without glasses sitting on their noses. Contact lens wearers also note much less random eye irritation and redness because they don’t put contacts in their eyes anymore.

Improved Night Vision:

With or without “Custom” many people say that their nighttime vision improves after LASIK, PRK and epi- LASIK. It may have to do with no longer having to deal with the light reflecting off the lenses in their glasses. For people who wear contact lenses, end-of-day or prolonged wear may also cause fuzzy nighttime vision as a result of corneal edema or surface dryness. Without having reflections or a poor refractive surface because of edema or dryness, many of our patients actually see better at night. Custom laser vision correction further enhances the improvement in night vision.

Additional Lines of Sight:

Some patients with high levels of myopia or astigmatism gain additional lines of vision after laser vision correction by Dr. Vale at Acuity. As you may know if you wear glasses or to a lesser degree contacts, and have high degrees of either myopia or myopic astigmatism, images are minimized by wearing these devices. There is no image minification after laser vision correction! Also, vision can fluctuate with glasses or contacts that move with each blink. Not happening ever again after laser vision correction at Acuity Laser Eye and Vision Center!


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